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How to make a no sew skirt

Making a skirt, no sewing required!

\1. Buy a length of material from a fabric shop – it can be whatever you want. I bought a metre and a half just to be sure I had the right amount.

Lay out the material and fold it lengthways so you have a long thin rectangle


\2. Measure using a piece of string from above your hips (the widest bit) to wherever you want the skirt to end.

Tie the piece of string to a pen/pencil/fabric marker and starting where you know the pen wont go over the edges of the material draw a semi circle.


Cut along this line – you now have a circle – but don’t unfold it yet!

\3. Fold the circle in half vertically and then diagonally.


\4. Cut a rounded quarter circle about 2inches from the point of the folded fabric – you should have two concentric circles.


Then all you need to do is force yourself into it – head first! You may need to make a slight rip in the waist to get in but once you’ve done that it’s easy enough to get in and out of it!

How to make skittles vodka

Its my friends birthday on Saturday night so I decided to make my own ‘cocktail’. Which is essentially skittles in a bottle of vodka!

Take one cheap bottle of vodka:


and lots of skittles:


Separate all the purple and green ones – because they make it bitter, And add the remaining ones to the bottle.


They all dissolve into this:


I have a feeling tomorrow night could be messy!

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