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12 Days of Femgeek Christmas - Delicate Textures

12 Days of Femgeek Christmas

Day 10 of the 12 days of Femgeek Christmas!

When you use any of the freebies Iā€™d really appreciate a link back to If you would like to, you can also follow me on twitter. You can also add femgeek on facebook and google+ pages.

It would be great if you could tweet/facebook/google plus about the 12 days too!

Just downloaded some delicate textures from download them here: #12daysoffemgeekchristmas from @apricot_13

Femgeek Delicate Textures

8 delicate textures to apply to your photos.

Click the 'download' button on the top right hand corner above where it says 'View raw'

Femgeek Delicate Textures

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