The Philofaxy web finds weekly post is my new guilty pleasure! It takes me all week to get through them all!

I decided to switch from personal (above) to pocket (below) as my main planner and have been using the personal one at work – much to everyones funny looks!

I was holding off on the pocket one because they were all really expensive. I wanted one with a full length back pocket because they are really quite small and theres always a bit of paper you want to keep so I wanted a big enough place to put it. I happened to go onto the staples website and find the Pocket Finsbury for £15, thats £40 off! Its beautiful. I took photos which I’m sure I will post soon..

My next mission is to start adding all my projects to the filofax and make some custom dividers! I’m trusting evernote less and less these days. Despite how awesome it is!

I’m also working on improving my handwriting at the moment because its super cursive and illegible even to me.  Other things I want to do is upgrade this blog theme, potentially split the blog into two – one for nerdy things one for everything else (planners/organisation/etc), move the blog to ec2 and s3.





In the process of sorting out my half of the mess we’re calling the spare bedroom I finally updated my laptop to Yosemite and added a SSD. I’m not going to comment on the other halfs other half – but its at the point where I’m seriously considering getting one of those big screen things…

I have a love/hate relationship with yosemite. Its fast – like it used to be, its an i7 15″ macbook pro but now none of my adobe software works on it and they got rid of spaces which was the best feature of snow leopard! A small glimmer of hope is that I recently acquired a mac mini from work so when I return the harddrive to them and put in a nice many terrabyte replacement I will have my photoshop & snow leopard back again! GIMP is … ok for resizing and curves but its severely lacking in basic non-destructive photo editing.

The complete reformat has reactivated my organisation gene so I’m slowly going through all files and coming up with a better storage system and just generally trying to be super organised.

I’ve also been inspired to get back into good old fashioned planning  - I bought a filofax! I went for the cheapest option I could find, the compact patent personal in lemon. (I bought it from WHSmiths though, it was on offer then) I thought I’d go for a small one at first in case I didn’t use it but I’m now looking for an a5 desk planner for bigger projects – and more room to write.

In addition to the filofax I’ve also been re-assessing my Evernote setup. I’m trying to come up with a system that uses both to the best of their abilities – Which is hard because I can’t use the filofax as a calendar because I don’t really have many appointments. My filofax is mostly notes – and now that I’ve bought my new printer – personalised colourful notes!

I went mad with the stationary – bottom left is all kinds of pretty post its in the floral book, an envelope full of washi stickers, FLAMINGO PAPERCLIPS!!!!, pens and my custom peony ‘dashboard’ ! Plus ipad mini (pink) and bullet journal (green)

If your wanting some inspiration for the new year – now is actually the best time to do it because loads of people have fallen off the planning band wagon so start trawling ebay for unwanted christmas filofaxes!

Other good resources for inspiration:


Interesting things that have happened since the last time I showed up:

My Alpacas arrived. After having to pay an extra £15 import tax THANKS customs, thustoms.


I then bought two more and an adorable tea for two bunny teapot from the ideal home show. (its been on my pinterest wish list for aaaaages)




I re-bleached my hair (also I cut my hair). The below is my hair before I dyed the underneath.  The ombre in the photo below = bad bleaching.



I’m going to attempt purple shampoo this evening, its a good thing I don’t mind if it accidentally goes purple! I’m going to leave it white blonde for a while then I’ll finish off the rest of my pink dye at christmas! I’m tempted by christmassy turquoise though…





NEW POKEMON ARRIVED! I’ve had it a week and I’ve still not opened it :S I think its because I’ve not finished Y yet, I still only have one gym badge but I’ve played at least 20-30 hours! also I’ve replaced froakie as the lead of my team with fletchling. Hes so much cuter.



I have learnt a lot about the inner workings of wordpress over the past few months. I now completely understand why non wordpress developers get all high and mighty about it. I still think it has its place but definitely not for the project I’ve been on recently. If anyone knows how to scale massive WP websites please tell me your secrets.

So on friday I decided “I need cheering up, I hear alpacas cure ailments” so I bought three alpakasso!

The only flaw in that plan is that all though my illness continues my alpacas probably wont arrive for another three weeks as they’re being shipped from Japan. On the bright side I’ll probably have something else wrong with me by then.

I’ve wanted a bigger Alpakasso for ages – they’re normally £30 for one though but I decided I’ll just go for it. I managed to get free shipping by ordering through a link on one of Mimei’s videos, check the description. The site I ordered through is called OtakuMode. I’ve never ordered from there before. The googling I did before I paid seemed legit. I don’t like the timer on the cart though and if your like me and open everything in new tabs then you’re cart session will time out and you’ll lose all your items! So browse like its 1995!


I pre-ordered the rainbow alpakasso (big)


Sora-chan (standard) from the Girly kids Alpakasso range.


Shiro-chan (big) from the Girly kids Alpakasso range.

PS. please ignore the 8 month hiatus….


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