Han is a tea loving femgeek currently working as a PHP, Javascript and Front end web developer in Central London. She enjoys gaming on all platforms, drinking tea, eating vegetables, vintage shopping, designing websites, developing applications, photography and dressing up as a Red Panda on weekends.This site is her main blog. It could be described as a lifestyle blog, if your lifestyle included interests in photography, learning japanese, html, css, javascript, PHP, Photoshop, vintage and the raspberry pi.Han started her first ‘site’ in 2001, a graphics site and began blogging shortly afterwards. Buying her first domain and hosting on May 22, 2004. In fact some of that sites content still exists on this site today, with only marginally better spelling.Han’s blogs have received various forms of recognition though the years, in the form of awards, design features and newspapers*.

Where to find me

PS3: apricot_13
xbox: xhan104
Wii: 6919 8347 2704 1612
Animal Crossing Friend code: 1032 2440 9131

* [Han] there is proof, honest. I never did get a copy of that metro article though.