So apparently I must have installed nginx on my Linode at some point. It doesn’t sound like the sort of thing I’d do though. I have a major fear of installing anything on a server as if by installing something the whole machine is going to fall apart and die. This fear isn’t completely unfounded as I’ve never managed to install ruby, rvm or node without some disaster befalling the process or it taking an awfully long time. I swear its just me! I also have a vm where I practise rm statements just in case as well as backups of the backups (which have saved the day before now I hasten to add!)

I’ve heard of nginx and have it on my ‘things to try’ list but I like to read about things before installing them on my server. Last night there was some emergency maintenance on the physical host my Linode is on so they had to shut them all down to fix it.

Heres my  mistake, my Linode has been bugging me for months about needing a reboot. Every time I logged in it would be all “whyyy, whyy wont you reboot me I need a power nap” and I’d be like “shh you, I dont know if you’ll ever come back up again if I reboot you” so obviously this maintenance meant my server got its wish and low and behold.

 err thats not my site....

err thats not my site….


I could’t restart apache (sudo service apache2 restart)  because nginx was hogging port 80. That took some googling, linux isn’t always that clear with its error messages… I stopped (and have now uninstalled) nginx restarted apache and all is well in the world. Moral of the story, restart the server when your actually working on it and not six months later without warning at ridiculous o’clock in the morning…

My latest project is creating a vagrantfile for this blog, because I can, and making a proper theme for it based on underscores. I’ve been doing a lot of wordpress at work so it would be nice to update my theme to something modern and not a hacky theme from 7 years ago. I may even switch to sass.


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oh and sorry for the downtime you probably didn’t notice…like I didn’t for 5 hours.