I finally finished merging all the content from all my external harddrives to my main harddrive on friday. Its been about two months of work. Its not finished yet though. I still have to go through a huge box of CD’s in the spare room. I’m buying an external CD reader for that next week. I don’t trust apple CD drives not to break.

I’m so glad I found that merging folders on a mac hack though. Merging 126GB of music manually = not fun.

In celebration I decided it was time to de-clutter the real world. (I have a funny idea of celebrating!)

First on the list, the bathroom. A couple of months ago we had all our bathrooms redone. I threw out a few things back then but most of it was chucked into the cupboards higgledy piggledy. Time to remedy that.

First things first. Pull everything out of the cupboards. That was motivation enough for me to start sorting it!

Forgive the phone photos here. I’m back to my 350D and I just can’t make it behave!! “White Balance be damned” it keeps telling me. So these are android photos.

^ My bathroom floor doesn’t usually look like this!

I even organised all my jewellery for the first time… well ever. Its much easier having it all on that stand. It was in boxes previously. Not helpful!

Next I tackled the ‘junk’ drawers. The drawer we all have full of notebooks, pens, cameras, camera chargers, film, calculators etc.

Then it was onto the wardrobe. Thankfully most of this was done a while ago and although you can’t really see much of a difference literally everything I own is in this wardrobe. (except for the drawers above)

In an ideal world there wouldn’t be any furniture in the wardrobe but its all stuff from when I lived in london that doesn’t fit anywhere else in the house.

Everything is in bags to be recycled or donated. I also went through all my instruction manuals (I had 4, one in each language, for my 350D!) My desk is now clear of any and all clutter. *breathes a sigh of relief*

Now I have to go through all my craft stuff that I never use! Then put some shelves up.