I had a lovely weekend in sandwich staying with Greg on the farm!

On Saturday we went to the farmers Market selling veg from the farm! We had so much to sell! Last time we only had rhubarb, broad beans (which everyone hates!) and asparagus!

I only agree to do the farmers markets because I get paid in cakes and boy do those ladies at the stall next door make good cakes! I had two!!

In the afternoon we went to Canterbury. I really really miss it there. It was such a lovely day, we walked down all the little alleys, visited the merchant chandler (moleskines are £2 there!) and found some ducklings on the river.

We also happened across a little vintage fair in one of the court yards! It was pretty and all but I object to paying an £20 for a bag just so i can say “ooh but it’s vintage”. I think it takes the fun out of thrifting which is all about being fruuugal and saving your money! (I’m talking about jumpers, holey tops and ripped skirts here not unworn lace sequined velvet dresses from the 40s!)

In the evening (after a long nap!) we drove to sandwich bay and watched the sunset with some fish and chips. (minus the fish…)

Sunday was all about chilli farm classic car show. We went last year and again I didn’t bring my camera! They have lots of steam powered contraptions on display even little tiny steam trains! (want!)

Unfortunately the signal red and White convertible triumph herald I want wasn’t there but if anyone has one I must have it!

After that lovely weekend the trains completely fucked up and it took me 4 hours to get home. (usually takes 2!) but I did get to go on the high speed train, which isn’t that special, Was ruined by a child with lungs the size of Russia and the I had to go through kings crowss st pancras. awful horrible place!

Anyway have some photos!