Engagements one weekend weddings the next! Different couple though. Equally as meant for each other! I have to say too, this wedding will be hard to beat! Even though we knew no one there (except the bride of course!)! in fact I think 90% of the wedding guests thought we were gatecrashers!

IMG_4938_s I’m getting a lot of use out of this dress!
It absolutely chucked it down on the day. Although it was sunny one minute cloudy the next the light was magical so fingers crossed the photos turned out alright, its not often you get magic hour 3-4 times in a day!


Our room was opposite the marquee, perfect for frequent loo trips and stocking up on our own alcohol!

The dress was stunning. If I’d have remembered I would have brought my big camera but (as you can tell) I was using my point and shoot. The detail was fantastic.


Who needs just one Cake! :D (they were tasty too!)

IMG_4977_sMy blurry date for the night :)


Sweetshop, yes please!


Most of the cupcakes ended up as decorations!

Do I have something on my face?