One minute I’m reading blogs like WishWishWish thinking “wow I need 8 berets*”  the next I’m reading NubbyTwiglet and thinking that 6 pairs of the same high quality trousers with only well thought out, nice pieces to go with them is a great idea too.

So how do I decide which route to take? I’ve spent the last 3 months working out which clothes I wear on a day to day basis, and which clothes I wear on the weekends. Then when they come back from the cleaning fairy** I hang them up in my wardrobe sorted by style and colour..ish. The result is I now have very few clothes! I wear the same 12 tops every 2 weeks and I have a few spares if i’m really desperate! How do people do it! I dont like having lots of things, but I also don’t like having nothing to wear!



*I have had the same one for about 7 years

**Being back at home has its perks



Image originally from Costaliving
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