Last time I upgraded my ram was way back in 2010. I have since bequeathed my first mac to my mother. My whole family has now been converted!

So my new mac was in need of more Ram. I couldn’t afford it when I first bought my mac, but when your trying to get anything done with only 72mg of ram free its kind of difficult. (Chrome and Lightroom being the biggest memory hogs ever!)



Last time I posted step by step instructions but really its so easy you shouldn’t need instructions. Just basic sense, like dont drink your cup of tea whilst doing this Oo… (hey, I used to build/fix computers, I’m an expert!!)

First, visit the Crucial website. Make sure you select the right country* in the top right and download the system scanner, which should be linked just under the main banner. Run it and it will take you back to the website with your upgrade options. Select the option you want and checkout.

Mine was £38 for 8gb of RAM for my upgrade. I also paid for speedy delivery because I wish to make the most of the new RAM while playing Minecraft!

* the system scanners are location dependant, if you download the scanner in the EU version and convert to UK prices it loses your cart. So to get prices in £ you have to download the scanner in the UK version of the site!

Crucial are very good at linking you to instructions for upgrading your ram, but I just went to the apple website, they have instructions for most macbook models. Except the new ones, that RAM is soldered onto the motherboard and you can’t do anything about that.




Then all you do is take the screws out, remembering where each one came from and that they can’t escape, and making sure the cat is out of the way. Take the base off, clean it a bit with an air duster (gently!). I was surprised at how little dust  there was inside my machine!




Then read the instructions on the apple website 10 times and replace your ram. Close it all back up and turn on your machine. ahhh, much better!