I’ve been very into hairstyles recently, I got sick of the same second day top knot not to mention the backcombing was really messing with my hair, which is in a pretty fragile state these days.

My generic everyday top knot, adapted from about 5 youtube tutorials.

  • Bend over and tie your hair in a tight(ish) pony tail right in the center of your head. You know, like your mum used to do when you were little. No? ok just my mother then.
  • Take a section of the hair from the ponytail and lightly backcomb. (best backcombing tutorial I’ve ever found. I’ve only just realised I’ve been doing it wrong!) Repeat for the other sections.
  • Then smoosh it all down and bobbypin like crazy. (how would we live without bobbypins? Our hair would be a mess and our valuables/ammunition containers woud be safe)
  • Once thats done pull (gently) on the hair in front of the pony tail, making it a little looser, so you get that bun on top of a cushion of hair look…
  • I like to put a bow on the front of mine! the bigger the better!
I was pretty bored of this style so naturally I turned to youtube! This is a list of the hairstyles I’ve been sporting this week, that actually work and I can do in the 10 minutes I allocate myself for hair and makeup in the mornings. All of these had varying degrees of “bums my hairstyle has fallen apart” moments but I blame the rain for that!!
Oh and this is the beehive I tried out! :D