Yes yes its a cat post! My little baby had to have an operation the other week to have her thyroid taken out.

Its fairly common nowadays in older cats, though not in all countries. They think it has to to with the chemicals used in furniture fire retardant. If you have cats research any new furniture before you buy it will save you a LOT of money in the long run! Blood tests are £80 a go!! and I’m not going to tell you how much the operation was!

Thankfully shes ok. We have a very very good vet, he did wonders on ‘the other one’ when she came home with her leg hanging off. The pear, so called because she looks like one and no thats not her real name, only looked sorry for herself when she realised she wasn’t going to get any food, and that was before the operation!

When I took her to the vets in the morning she held my hand the whole way there with her paw. It was especially sad as normally she wont let me anywhere near her paws. I worked from home that day, one reason was because we didn’t know what time she needed to be picked up as no one else was around but secretly I knew I’d be a wreck, and I was. I spent the whole day in tears. I dread to think what its like to have children, I was sick with worry all day.

When I went to pick her up and they handed her back to me she was so noisy! She had a bit of a frog in her throat but thats unsurprising seeing as she’d had her throat cut only a few hours before.

I let her out of the carrier when I got home and she managed to escape from her confinement three times. She ran to the kitchen like a cat possessed. I think she was hungry…^ – ^

She wasn’t allowed out at all that night and only supervised (how the hell do you supervise a cat outside!!) until this Saturday when she has her stitches removed.


The best photo I can get of her war wounds, I think shes self conscious.

Those little paws!

This is her ‘sexy’ face….

This can’t be normal? sticking your tongue out at your doting owner!?

She does a lot of this!

So the other one doesn’t get jealous! (she was eyeing up my fish at this point!)