Friday night Gregory and I had tickets to see Mr B.

After a few Vodka cocktails at work, (yes my work is that awesome!) Greg met me at the pub and we went off to Leister square had an awesome meal at Garricks, where we made lots of Star Trek jokes and then went to get a snog! (Green Tea and Mochi for me!!)

Of course when we finally made it to the theatre, and through the massive queue to collect our tickets, we were two weeks early!!!!! Someone didn’t look at the dates!

Still It was a nice evening, so after a quick detour via the Burger King loos, dear god never go there! we went home!

Heres mr. B for your enjoyment.

Saturday we spent reorganising the entire flat, its still a mess but at least I have dual screen! woo

I also made some mochi, which I will be putting up a recipe for very soon! (ie when I finish this lot and make another!) I’m very tempted to do it in video format but thats probably never going to happen.

The evenings icecream