Fish island!
Tehe Fish Island!
I’ve been getting used to getting Buses in london, I love that they tell you the name of the stop your at! Wish all buses did that!

My first trip to Snog. Frozen Yoghurt is very hard to come by in the UK! if anyone wants to open one in Walton and one near Holborn that would be great!

I had Bittersweet Dark Chocolate, with Strawberries and Mochi! I loved it!

Greg had Oreos and little chocolate hearts, he didn’t like it :( I’d have eaten his too if we hadn’t gone for regulars!!

Trinity Buoy Wharf
In the afternoon we went to Trinity Buoy Wharf which is an awesome place for artists and all sorts of creative types. You can rent a studio there which is a converted shipping container. Its right opposite the dome and they had a big day of arts and music! And a BBQ too!

Pizza Express
On Sunday we went into town and I bought way too many clothes in the sales, but I needed them, I struggled to find clothes for work last week. I find myself debating whether I can get away with smart jeans but I can’t quite bring myself to do it. I’ve always felt you should be smart for work but I hate being uncomfortable especially one the trains and buses!

I’ve been checking in a lot with FourSquare Its saved me from many boring train journeys this week!

I’m also recommending Camera + (app store link) I watched these videos by Lisa Bettany and immediately went to download it Turns out I already had it! I used it to edit all the photos on this blog post.