I finally have some internet. Its not my internet, we’ve had to come all the way out of London to Gregs house to use said internet but its internet and its awesome! Even thought I work online all day everyday at work I just can’t blog at work. If I didn’t have my fear of hosts then I would be able to blog from my iphone but I don’t like my images to be hosted anywhere other than flickr!

Speaking of hosts this site (and my many others) have been moved over to a new server so thats why my account may be appearing suspended/crazy. Thankfully I saw none of this – for once!

What have I been up to since it seems my last trip to Sandwich!!

  • Well, I uh, Went to France
  • I did photography for a gig in London called Shugga Buddah after which we recorded interviews with the bands for a podcast in collaboration with Old Country and Sound Farmer. Subscribe to the Old Country Productions podcast here!
  • I put together so much furniture in the new flat that I ached for a week afterwards
  • I had a birthday!
  • I got really into Instagram
Ironic use of the earlybird filter! Frost on the platform!

All 21 past trains to London are delayed! The gherkin!

I got some of my Diana mini photos developed!