The other week my mum and I were looking for a nice restaurant to go out for a meal when we happened across The chocolate teapot (they really need a website, perhaps a nice local web developer can help them out!) on yelp.

Both Greg and I had Friday off so we decided to go and see what all the fuss was about. I was instantly envious of their teapot collection. Especially the little grey and white speckled number in my pics below. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for one just like it!

We both had a cheese omelette, I, of course, had earl grey tea. Then we had a slice of coffee cake and three teeny scones. It was actually the perfect amount of food. Normally in tearooms you can’t have a ‘main’ and a ‘dessert’ but we certainly managed it!

It was a little pricey though but I have to keep reminding myself that i’m not in Kent any more! Also now that the Sandwich Tea Rooms have closed down I’m in the market for a new favourite tearoom!

If your in London Esher is 2 stops from Waterloo, about 20 minutes on South West trains and the tea room is right by the station. Theres also Elmbridge common over the road.


Had to include a photo of me at home because I’ve not quite worked up the confidence to let anyone use my new camera outside the house yet!