We hadn’t even made it to Wales yet and we saw this guy at the Services!


Like a scene from the birds. Its like they knew we were coming… (this was a photo/sound recording trip)

Obligatory road trip windscreen photo!

A few (ha) weeks ago Greg and I went to Tenby in South Wales for a few nights. We stayed in the lovely Myrtle House Hotel. Jan and Rob were the sweetest hosts and the breakfasts, what can I say, we were well fed and fueled up for three days of sightseeing, photography, sound recording, island trekking, puffing spotting, mole biting, wave jumping and cave exploring.

(Yes, you did read mole biting correctly. Dont worry. It was mole doing the biting…)


Our room.

I didn’t take any photos of breakfast because I was too busy eating it. Trust me when I say it wass good!

As you can see we took a lot of kit with us for three days! I have no idea what Greg brought but you can get an idea of what his wildlife sound recording kit list looks like here. My list isn’t as exhaustive. I had my Canon 550D, Sigma 18-200mm, Canon 50mm 1.8 and Canon 50-250mm lens. Along with one SLR Gorilla Pod (only works with the 50mm lens!) and a cheap lightweight tripod. Also a spare battery grip and about 1tb worth of SD cards!

Looking bacl at my photos I’ve realised just how good the Canon 50-250mm is. I knew it was good but I had literally no editing to do to some of my photos. Normally I have to sharpen them but this time just a vignette!

My sigma is great too but I bought it after the only lens I had was my 50mm and a Seal swam past us on the river and all I could get was a blurry long distance photograph. Always be prepared! (also when I take the lens hood off it has a red stripe so it looks like an L series lens from a distance :D)


This was in the bathroom. I was really excited when I thought it was something you could buy in the local shops, but it turned out to be from Woolworths :(