Tenby Part 7 - Gregory and the Mole

I thought this deserved a post all of its own, because lets me honest, how often does ones boyfriend get bitten by a Mole? Actually, that sentence only really applies to everyone else’s boyfriends…with Gregory anything can happen! We were walking up to the play are at Manor House Safari Park¬†when we saw what we

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Tenby Part 4 - The town of Tenby

Tenby is your typical seaside town. Sweet shops abound as well as greasy spoon cafes with vinegary ketchup, chip shops with fresh fish and shops covered from head to toe in all kinds of inflatables and buckets and spades. I bought a lot of rock to take back to everyone at work! It went down

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Tenby Part 3 - Exploring the Beach

We chose the perfect few days to visit. It was swelteringly hot right up until the evening. These photos were take about 7 oclock in the evening and the beach and sea was still packed! Don’t let that fool you into thinking the water wasn’t ice cold though. Us brits are don’t let a little

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