I wish reblogging could burn fats

hmm, appropriate because I'm using tumblr, the reblogging king to post about my diet!

I really love Posterous. Their content management is just so much better than tumblr! I like that it automatically formats galleries, and that you can email into the site and it automatically sets up a blog for you and that you NEVER have to visit their admin panel. Auto posting is cool but the themes? come on their awful!

Posterous used to be my main blogging platform for this site, in fact here it is. I then tried to switch to tumblr, but in the end it came down to good old self hosted wordpress. For me wordpress.com is in the same league as posterous – bad themeing options plus you have to pay for anything useful.

Last night I set up a new posterous blog to help me keep track of my diet – for both weight loss and managing my intolerance purposes. Its boring, hence why I’m not linking to it from anywhere but its not private so if you want the url (which I think is quite clever lol!) just email me!

So I set up my posterous using their iPhone app. This is very important to me as I want to be able to post when I’m out and about. It works like a charm. Adding tags is a bit of a pain, you have to change tabs – but it works and posts in the background.

I had made my blog – I took a look at it, ugh the theme is ugly, I log on – on my computer and a change a few themes, can’t seem to change any fonts on any of them. they all look rubbish. In the end I settled on Light Matter by Obox, only because I wanted to go to bed.

I woke up this morning thinking how I really don’t like my new blog. So I set one up on tumblr. Already I have a great theme, Cargo, which is perfect for a photo based blog. Except I now have the opposite problem – posting online is easier but from an iphone app, impossible. Unless your blog is you default blog you cannot post to a different tumblr blog under the same account from the tumblr official app! So I’m using email. Posterous’s key feature!

Can anybody suggest to me a good (free!) alternative to mobile posting to a ‘sub’blog on tumblr from the iphone? or am I going to have to try wordpress.com!?