I had to work from home last week because of the snow. It took me 2 and a half hours to get home on the Tuesday night and that was before the ‘worst’ part of the snow. Which was a good thing because I hate snow!! I ventured out of the flat* to take some photos in my equivalent of a fag break!!

Working from Home

This was my office on Wednesday and Thursday. Very depressingly my mac let me down! It couldn’t connect to the SVN at work, so I used it to listen to christmas songs on Spotify!

My windoze netbook worked like a charm though. It connected to the VPN but I had a whole other load of problems with the SVN.

If you want to buy someone a net book for Christmas buy them the Samsung NC10, its about 3 years out of date, it was 2 years old when I bought mine, but it is SO damn good. It runs photoshop, and illustrator (portable versions) and is just plain awesome.




All the Condensation on the windows.