Finally Finally finished editing the shuga buddha podcast photos. I’m not entirely happy with them but I only have the internet for this weekend and if I don’t upload them now I never will.

Shuga Buddha is a live music and arts night in London bringing you the best of the most creative people around. We are dedicated to bringing you amazing music in an unforgettable atmosphere…

The bands featured in the Podcast were The Staves and Good old war.

Listen for their collaboration in the podcast! It was amazing to hear!

If you are hosting a music event or anything you feel would make an awesome podcast please email me!

More photos here. I need some lights..

Paper Crane Decorations at The bedford!

Shugga Buddah-14.jpg
Shugga Buddah-76.jpg
Shugga Buddah-47.jpg
Shugga Buddah-43.jpg
Shugga Buddah-74.jpg
Shugga Buddah-73.jpg