The spare room has been converted into my office for this years major project, project scanny scanny!
This years major project is to scan all of our film photos, it ties in well with my ongoing paperless project too. I bought a new scanner just before christmas so that I could get started while I have all this time off. Its taking longer than I thought it would. It turns out (unsurprisingly) that scanning the negatives gives much better pictures than the developed ones, except the sizes I’m dealing with at the moment (the older ones) only scan two at a time and their fiddly to place. Although the scanner is so clever it crops multiple pictures while you scan which is amazing.

If anyones thinking of doing a similar project I bought the Canon Canoscan 9000f MkII. Its a midrange scanner thats perfect for this job. It scans 35mm film, 120mm film and 35mm negatives as well as paper photos too. It comes with some nifty software that crops the photos for you as well as scan and send options that I’m never going to use. The scan to PDF doesn’t seem to work well for photos either but then making pdfs on a mac is a breeze anyway!

We do already have a pretty decent scanner the reason I bought this one was because of the film scanning (it requires that you take the protective bit off the top of the scanner to scan negatives but the speed. 6 seconds and 10 tiny small b&w photos are scanned at 1200dpi 5 more seconds and their saved to your harddrive cropped and ready to go.

I’ve yet to find a decent software solution for organising the scanned photos. For now I think I’m going to just upload them to Flickr and get family to sign up for accounts to login and tag people. Ideally I’d like to sync that data down to my computer but I’ve not really looked into it much yet.



The two boxes to scan! I’ve included some of my scans so far below. None of the embarrassing ones though. All are from film.



I love this photo, my grandpa was way ahead of the times!
canonscan_9000f_03Proper british seaside!! Fully clothed and playing cricket!