I finally did it. Two years of talking and planning it I bought myself a new Mac :D

I saved up my whole year in industry specifically to buy myself a new mac. Although my old one has plenty of life still in it, I did feel it was time for a new one. Not least because I only had to charge it up once yesterday and I can finally go around the house without worrying about finding a socket for the charger! (I had a brand new battery in my old one which didn’t last long at all)

Another great thing about this new mac is the fans don’t randomly start going off for no reason! wahay! And I don’t need to use my stand with it because its not burning my legs!

So before the mac porn, I’ll tell you a little about the specs!

Yes, top spec (except for the ram!) and I went for the 15″ and I do not regret it this time! The Screen feels so big compared to my old one and for those wondering about the screen. I went for glossy. I wanted hi-res but they didn’t have any in stock. I could barely see the difference though, the high res is slightly crisper and ‘near’ hd but it matters not to me! The glossy is that much more brighter and clearer than the matte and for someone who likes to pretend they’re a photographer/designer that means better and more accurate colours. (of course none of that matters if your work is viewed on a pc :P!)

So without further ado, pic spam!

Even the little icon is different! :D