After all my agonising, worrying, tears and sleepless nights (I’m not kidding!) I finally have the results that sum up the past four years of my life!

First Class Honours said the board!


I had walked down the corridor and said to Mike “Any sign of them?” He had motioned towards a man in the corner of my eye who I’d never seen before, dressed in a suit and who was now struggling to pin three pieces of paper to the board. I went back to the group and said, “I think the results are going up!”

They all rushed ahead and I lingered for a moment, although I don’t remember why! then, I thought, fuck it, I want to know!

I got there just as they had all read the results, Emily gave me a thumbs up as I went to look at the board, I thought it was because the results were up not because of what I was about to read!

Wow, I thought, thinking how strange it was they they’d placed us in our visual communication groups! Without realising what anyone else had I turned to Greg who waited for me to squeak “First!” He hugged me! Then I hugged Emily and we had a little celebratory dance, which would be extended upon later where nobody else could see!

I’m thoroughly relieved its over! I couldn’t have waited any longer for the results, else I might have gone a little mad!

Unfortunately I celebrated a little too hard yesterday and I’m feeling it this morning! Along with my cold that is getting steadily worse!

I’m now a first class, hungover, cold infected, graduand packing for Bahrain! Whats the betting I’ll forget something!