Remember organis-a-thon 2012? Bet you thought it was going to fizzle out. Ye have little faith!

Its still going strong albeit not so much the past few weeks as my eyestrain had become so bad I couldn’t actually see most days. I now have new glasses and while I’m still not 100% sure about them, my realisation that they were much better came when I was sat on the bus and my mind suddenly went ‘hey, wheres my splitting headache?’ So thats good.

Despite not being able to see a computer screen I had another problem to deal with. Backing up my itunes library to an external harddrive. My itunes is about 126GB. Although iTunes kepts itself *fairly* well organised. (read: the compilations folder is evil) its not an easy task keeping it up to date in sync.

I did the usual googling and found this thread which contained a link to this method of using transmit’s excellent merge facility to backup your files. Its genius!

Its also been such a long time since I last used transmit and it looks and feels so much better. But the duck and winSCP work fine for the little ftping I do these days. (Never thought i’d say this but i’m beginning to opt for the command line!  In fact I did come across ditto ditto in my travels but I like this method too much to let it pass by!

The method is simple, you enable file sharing on your mac. (settings > sharing > ticky box) click options and make sure FTP is ticked. Then you connect to your mac as you would any ftp. It works really well.

Currently my system is a full copy of all files on mac and external harddrive. Until I get a fourth harddrive (or upload the music of a non questionable origin) to google music I can’t risk not having two full backups. I’m currently running on 125mb of harddrive space on my mac! When I have the space to breathe I will reorganise the music in itunes (3000+ songs under misc currently) and overwrite my backups. Maybe I’ll leave that for organis-a-thon 2013!