I ordered my Raspberry Pi two weeks ago. Its expected to ship within eleven weeks. I’ve bought a case for it but I wouldn’t be a true femgeek if I didn’t do something awesome with it. I’ve decided it should live up to its namesake. So I’m currently experimenting. My first experiment is making realistic fake raspberries. This is harder than it looks. My first attempt was far too big and too shiny. I’ve since put some matte nail varnish on it and it looks much more realistic but I kind of preferred the shiny raspberry. Watch this space though, my Raspberry Pi will be the coolest around!

I’m using a big block of Sculpey polymer clay I bought years ago. So theres lots of room for failure. Or raspberries.

Its much easier to cut the clay into tiny pieces and mould those. The clay is quite hard to begin with.

Constructing a raspberry on the end of a biro. This made it too big. I need to use something smaller.

The finished product. Not yet baked. 30minutes at 120 c to bake.

Painting. I used glass paint because I knew it would dry glossy instead of weird like acrylic paint. I didn’t know which colours to get so I bought a red and purple. I chose wisely, 2 drops of red and 1 of purple is the perfect raspberry colour!


Halfway through painting. Its a lot redder here than in real life!

The finished product drying on my improvised drying rack. (who remembers those pencils!!)

So there you have it, one raspberry. Still have lots of planning to do. I dont even have an SD card for my Pi yet!