I’ve been doing lots of shopping recently! Despite my lack of funds. Before I go to Bahrain I’m definitely splashing out on some of these things! :)
All from or sold in River Island.

Amazing nail colours from Models Own. I’ve been tempted to buy these so often but I always stop myself and then regret it later. I will get at least the pastel orange before I go away though. It will go well with my Grey nail varnish!

This is how I like my bugs, made of metal and not alive! (Unlike the one in my room last night! *shudders* ) and the hat well I tried it on the other day in dark brown, its so soft and cute! Surely it should have been on sale seeing as its summer :(

Speaking of sales I got the deal of a lifetime the other day. A perfect fitting pair of cords with a belt, for £3! Score! I also now have not one but two pairs of shorts! I’ve never found a pair I could wear that covered enough leg for me to be comfortable before! I’m nearly set for Bahrain!