I was a little concerned on Saturday when a new option ‘Pin to MikeLike’ showed up on my pinterest. I’d never seen it before and when I googled the name I found a site that is a very poor ripoff of pinterest. It advertises that it lets you create private boards.

I didn’t click through and I’m not linking to them because the whole thing is just odd.

I’ve found very little information about this site other than this one blog post saying that she uses it because of the private boards. But if I’m completely honest the whole thing bugs me.

The button wasn’t appearing in firefox, only Chrome and it turns out that this extension was the culprit. A pinterest plugin that suddenly gives you the option to post to another service. It makes you wonder what the author gets out of it.

I’ve not seen any advertising on this mikelike site, but I’m not going to register to find out.


Pinned image from JooJoo. (to which I am now totally subscribed!! thank you mike!)