These peppermint hersheys kisses are strange, strange creatures, mint flavored chocolate with bits of candy cane in them! They’re so very pretty.


Thursday was a very strange day. I had a half day at work which was lucky because I had to go to Surrey Quays to sign a contract to extend our tenancy by 2 months. We walked Gregs route home its a very surreal route! So quiet, except when you walk past the factory. The factory reminds me of a rocket ship!



There is also a large collection of health food drinks where you would normally expect to find beer…perhaps the troll who lives under this bridge is concerned about his weight after eating all those children?


I went home Thursday evening, you get such great views from the stations as its up high on the viaduct. Its awesome because I can see the London Eye, London Bridge and all the famous skyscrapers from right on my Doorstep! I love living in Zone 2!!


I managed to hurt my ankle between home and my parents house! Its really sore unless its strapped up.

Whilst I was sitting down feeling very sorry for my ankle Smudge decided to help me feel better by sticking her bum in my face.
Photo on 2010-12-10 at 12.10

I did a bit of Christmas shopping the other day, I found our Christmas present t ourselves!