The Philofaxy web finds weekly post is my new guilty pleasure! It takes me all week to get through them all!

I decided to switch from personal (above) to pocket (below) as my main planner and have been using the personal one at work – much to everyones funny looks!

I was holding off on the pocket one because they were all really expensive. I wanted one with a full length back pocket because they are really quite small and theres always a bit of paper you want to keep so I wanted a big enough place to put it. I happened to go onto the staples website and find the Pocket Finsbury for £15, thats £40 off! Its beautiful. I took photos which I’m sure I will post soon..

My next mission is to start adding all my projects to the filofax and make some custom dividers! I’m trusting evernote less and less these days. Despite how awesome it is!

I’m also working on improving my handwriting at the moment because its super cursive and illegible even to me.  Other things I want to do is upgrade this blog theme, potentially split the blog into two – one for nerdy things one for everything else (planners/organisation/etc), move the blog to ec2 and s3.