Talk about your acidental blog posts! I posted this over at Snark but I thought I should post this here too!

I’ve been in major organisation mode the past few months. Being stuck at home with no immediate hope of moving out I’m sort of in limbo. The last thing I want is for suddenly next year get a house and have to move all this extra stuff. Stuff that I’ll never use. So I’m making the most of my time in limbo by having a mega Organis-a-thon!

I’ve broken it down into stages.

stage 1:
backup photos. – COMPLETE

I used logmein and the 100mb internet connection at work* to get this beast done!

* Its ok, I only used the connection out of office hours and when there were no late events.


stage 2:
Websites, client work, uni work etc. – IN PROGRESS

I’m buying an imac so I have a main base. Where all my my docs will live. They will be backed up to my laptop,, and two external harddrives.


IMG_3142stage 3:
old cd’s and harddrives.

good lord I’m not looking forward to this one!!
This involves going through my old old old cd’s, praying they dont wreck my laptop and adding the files to the above back ups. But  most importantly, chuck out all the cd’s when done!. (or make cool art with them)


stage 4:
Tutorial pdfs, email reciepts

I took the plunge and upgraded to evernote premium recently so I will be adding all these to evernote.


stage 5:
passwords & accounts

The fun task of going through my emails and trying to work out which forums I’m registered on and what my usernames/passwords are. Also deleting accounts.


stage 6:
Scan all my books into delicious library.

i’ve already done all my CD’s DVD’s & Games!



stage 7:
Rip all my dvds (not box sets) to a NAS drive and store DVD’s in the loft.

This is gonna take a while, but when those DVD boxes are up in the loft I’ll feel like a great weight has been lifted!


stage 8:
iTunes media.

I need to back all my music/movies/books and podcasts to one central location that I can just draw from. I’ve left this until last because it needs more research.


Thats my todo list until the end of the year. I’m determined to get all of this done, I may make exceptions for the DVD’s as I’m sure that will take a while.

I’ve broken it down into stages so that its easier to manage and i’m not allowed to move on until each stage is done. That stops me losing track of it all. Once its all done I need to make it easy to keep the system going and not get lost in backups!!

I’ve also been looking into amazon glacier for storage of some data but I’m not sure about it. The getting back of data seems to be a bit of a catch for some people.

how do you guys backup files? I’m always on the lookout for new methods!