Not a lot to say really.

  • My season ticket is expensive. The annual one is more than my total amount of savings. So I pay monthly.
  • I have a longer train journey.
  • The bathrooms are being redone so the house is a state.
  • The bathrooms are being redone so my mother is a state.
  • Water changes are a nightmare because I have to carry two full buckets of water up and down the stairs twice. (because my mother insists algae will grow in the pipes!!
  • I have the 42″ tv and ps3 in my room
My weekends have mainly been spent tidying. I’m on round two of mega clear out. This weekend Greg came to visit and we spent most of it in bed playing lbp2 because it rained the whole time.
The rains not all bad though, I get to spend more time with my sweet peas!