This guy parked up outside out living room window yesterday! That’s dedication!


In other news living by a football ground does actually have some advantages:

  • The ice cream van and burger van that parks outside your window
  • The many many many police who line your walk home for the two days after a match, almost as if their still waiting for the last few fans to crawl out of the stadium!
  • Yeah ok, there’s only 2 good things

Bad things about living near a football ground (and in London in general):

  • The need for a large police presence
  • The stealing of your parking space so you can’t go to the supermarket on match days
  • The takeaway’s left everywhere making out already out of control rat problem worse…I probably haven’t mentioned the rat running across my feet when I walk to work the other morning or the mice that run along side me when I walk up to the station.
  • This tweet sums up my next point “Dear culturally challenged football fans on the way to Millwall. It may smell like it but South Bermondsey is not an open-air toilet.” – yeah thats NEVER a good sight, right by the police too!!
  • The addition of even more gob to the floor!! I’ve counted 18 piles of snotty gob on my walk home form the station on days when there aren’t any knuckle dragging football fans around. Is it any wonder there’s a rise in TB!


Interestingly the noise isn’t a problem. The gob though, now that’s disgusting!