So there I am innocently catching up on the nights tweets and I come across this tweet from the blogess. She’s a funny gal so I click through only to be greeted by a this:

20111024-091635 AM.jpg

What the hell! So not only have they introduced a new ‘feature’ but now I have to call customer service (for who knows how long!!) to prove I’m over 18 because I refuse to have a credit card!

I can understand what their trying to do but a better way would have been to actually ask their customers whether they want it and have them opt in not out!! Or say you have 30 days to opt out.

They have been very good with my rants on twitter about this though and i’ll probably be spending my evening on the phone to them anyway But it doesn’t stop me being incredibly irritated about not being able to do what I pay £35 a month to do!!

Parental filters are acceptable if their installed by parents! I don’t want to be told what I can and can’t view. I know exactly what I want to see and most definitely what I don’t want to see!!!


Edit just tried the online parental filter removing tool thingy. It either doesn’t work or it’s telling me I don’t have it enabled! So confused! O2 shop at lunch time then!