I’m a big sucker for Nintendo products but the 3DS was their first hand held console that I thought, wait, wtf? I never see movies in 3D they give me a migraine so a 3D games console was out of the question. I bought a DS lite years ago and I upgraded to a DSiXL a few months ago, why do I need a new DS? The DS was already in my bad books. It seems that they’ve completely thrown the idea of the seal of approval out of the window. 90% of DS games are rubbish. Their mostly iPhone ports but they charge you £20!

So anyway, on I went ignoring the 3DS. Until I saw an announcement for a purple one. That got me interested. Ugh its 3D though. I reminded myself and went back into Blissful ignorance. Then I started looking at the games. A new Zelda came out, I was pretty jealous. Then Kingdom hearts, more annoyed now, then mario tennis, I LOVED the gameboy version. Then the final straw (thats a pun), Harvest Moon, the tale of two cities. Yes the game has been remade for the 3DS and is actually a DS title but I have one word for you, Alpacas and bumble bees. SOLD I’m having me a 3DS I said. And I did.

My haul.


Of course I bought the red version!

Some people have been saying its pretty big. When its open it feels like just the right amount of screen, and closed, its the same size as a galaxy note!