I had a very insane week off last week, not a moments peace until wednesday morning!

Friday night there was Thai food and Cupcakes, Saturday there was much coding going on at femgeek HQ. I imported all my instagram posts and tweets into evernote using the API and Slim. (thats over 1800 notes btw!). I learnt so much about dates and times working on that!

om nom nom, gluten free

Sunday started off with a spontaneous trip to MCM Comic Con which was insane. I also won the cosplay guessing conversation because everyone came as Anime/Manga characters.

Emirates Cable Car. No matter how many times I go on it it still scares the life out of me.
Chilling with Misty.

Then we drove down to Kent ready to go to France the next day, then back from France, to Thai for dinner, then round some friends for some impromptu late night movies with popcorn!

Very eery big red moon that night.
In France.

Tuesday morning was spent buying (many) Cauliflowers, Succulents and Rabbit food for one very fussy bun, before heading back to London for Depeche Mode at the o2.

Lovely Sunny Day…
Succulents. (In a temporary home)
The Fussy Bun.

Depeche modeeee

Then a day in bed with a pack of wotsits and a bowl of cauliflower. Definitely a good week!