I’ve recently discovered that I can in fact keep some plants alive. Its not for lack of trying that they die, they just do. I decided it was time to try my hand at having a bit more responsibility so today I bought two more victims. I bought a really cute mini purple bucket from Hobbycraft last weekend just for the occasion!

I hadn’t actually planned to buy any more plants but I had to give up my last two fish for adoption so I kind of bought emotional replacements. I’ve decommissioned my last active fish tank because the filter is dying, and its keeping me awake at night. So they fishies had to go.


These were the only two succulents in the whole garden center. The one on the right is looking a little sorry for itself so I’m hoping I can revive it (hmm) and the one on the left is called a sugar almond plant. Its a bit nibbled but we’ll just turn him around.

IMG_6556_s IMG_6558_s

I did all the potting in the kitchen much to my mums annoyance. (hence the paper towel)  I had to wage a full on war with the spiders under the brick holding the bag of soil down. They did not want to leave their bricky home!


The final product. Look good don’t they!  Only downside to having them there is that I keep finding bits of plant in my bed….

The wind chime is another little DIY I never blogged about. I basically spray painted a horrible black with red chinese symbols windchime white. Not particularly exciting but it looks so much better.