Yes, I photoshopped a screengrab of minecraft….!


My latest obsession is minecraft! I can’t believe I’d never taken the time to look into it.

I bought it on xbox first, but of course you need xbox gold to play with your friends and I don’t use my xbox enough to justify that cost. So I decided to buy the mobile version. Its great because its cross platform, so Greg and I can play together!

Some point between the xbox edition and the pocket edition I started watching paulsoaresjr‘s Minecraft Tutorials – How to Survive & Thrive series, yes, I’ve watched up to episode 73. I started to feel like I was missing out. Why couldn’t I dye sheep in pocket edition (you can now) why can’t I repair weapons  in xbox edition?! So I played the demo a few times, unwittingly taking up residence in a witches hut….and finally bought my third copy of the game!

So far I’ve not done any amazing builds, but the whole reason I upgraded my ram was so that I could play minecraft more smoothly! I’m even considering buying a whole new gaming PC to play it and the new sim city if they do something about the requirement to have internet while playing.

I’ve never been much of a PC gamer so WASD is foreign to me. I spent a good chunk of time trying to get first a ps3 and then a (wired) xbox controller to work with minecraft on my mac. I think it must be my snow leapard though because everytime I unplugged the controller it kernel panic’d and I couldn’t be bothered to debug it so I decided it was time to learn how to play games with a keyboard!

I mostly play in creative mode because I’m terrified of creepers, even though their little faces just look as though they want a hug! The fact that you can never tell where a sound is coming from in the game makes me really jumpy too.

Creeper wants a hug
why wont you hug me, says mr Creeper.

 If your looking for a server, theres MinePick, a toplist site for minecraft servers.