*insert new years resolutions here* I have lots of resolutions this year. Unfortunately they’re all floating around in my head and I’m not able to condense them down into small coherent sentences and I’m not sure I want to share them if I’m honest. Just assume their along the lines of ‘be a better blogger/person/girlfriend/friend/ukelele player/geek/programmer/japanese speaker’ etc. Since thats the usual thing to choose.
I will say I’ve already failed one but I don’t feel too bad about it because I tried so hard not to break it. Probably the hardest I’ve tried ever.

New years was spent at a friend of Manfriends who happens to be a sheep farmer.

I made it half way up the hay then things got too dangerous so I moved out of the way, people kept sliding down the hay on top of me. no matter how much I drink my danger perception is stronger! Alcohol + slippery hay = dangerous. Plus if anyone had smashed a glass the poor sheep would have hurt their feet :(