Interesting things that have happened since the last time I showed up:

My Alpacas arrived. After having to pay an extra £15 import tax THANKS customs, thustoms.


I then bought two more and an adorable tea for two bunny teapot from the ideal home show. (its been on my pinterest wish list for aaaaages)




I re-bleached my hair (also I cut my hair). The below is my hair before I dyed the underneath.  The ombre in the photo below = bad bleaching.



I’m going to attempt purple shampoo this evening, its a good thing I don’t mind if it accidentally goes purple! I’m going to leave it white blonde for a while then I’ll finish off the rest of my pink dye at christmas! I’m tempted by christmassy turquoise though…





NEW POKEMON ARRIVED! I’ve had it a week and I’ve still not opened it :S I think its because I’ve not finished Y yet, I still only have one gym badge but I’ve played at least 20-30 hours! also I’ve replaced froakie as the lead of my team with fletchling. Hes so much cuter.



I have learnt a lot about the inner workings of wordpress over the past few months. I now completely understand why non wordpress developers get all high and mighty about it. I still think it has its place but definitely not for the project I’ve been on recently. If anyone knows how to scale massive WP websites please tell me your secrets.