The nice people at Money Supermarket sent me an iHome iDM12 Bluetooth Speaker to review. In keeping with tradition I made sure to take photos of it with orchids!  If your looking to buy any bluetooth speakers they will be collating all the reviews of various Bluetooth speakers under £50 here.


The device is sturdy and well built but a little on the large size, in a sense it is portable, if your going on holiday or packing for an elusive ‘warm spring day’ picnic. You’re probably not going to carry it around in your handbag though. There is an advantage to the size however, that they don’t look out of place in the kitchen/bathroom/windowsill. And being wireless is mega bonus.

It comes with a handy iPad stand too, handy for iPads that aren’t in a difficult to remove case, and that aren’t iPad ones. The neat thing though is that the case fits onto the front of the speaker to protect it when your traveling. Its not fixed in place though, its just sort of ‘placed’ but it’s not likely to fall off if its nestling amongst your unmentionables on the way to Tenerife!




Imagine theres a shiny iPad in that stand, and not the scratched, slow, scruffy cased iPad out of frame,..

Charging & Use.

Theres only one slot for your cable on the whole device so you can’t get confused. The provided usb cable splits into an AUX cable and a USB for charging. You can either charge through a laptop or commandeer an iPhone/android plug. It thoughtfully has a cable tidy attached to it. Using the device is just a matter of pressing (and holding) the power button until a green light comes on. Turn on bluetooth on your device and press the (play/pairing) button on the speakers. Then scan for bluetooth devices and select “iDM12″, done! Now load up some songs!


Sound Quality.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if my music taste is anything to go by then my judgement on sound quality is not to be trusted. Thankfully our frequently visiting (because we haven’t found a house that satisfies our must have countryside, accept tea discerning bunnies, garden, gas central heating and room for three cars requirements) Sound Recordist (and new found Sound Blogger!) is here to help! The sound is SO much better than tinny laptop speakers. It has a significant about of bass, but not as much as the BassBoomz (who are in a league of their own when it comes to bass!), I’m not a fan of bass at all so it was quite nice, I have to say, because no one wants a speaker that walks across the windowsill when at top volume and a basshunter song comes on!

I’m also pretty sure that the speakers will get some use when Mr Sound Designer is on the go and needs to playback sound to clients. Either that or he’ll have the new Depeche Mode album on them!