I can’t believe I never wrote about the Ideal home show. I’d always wanted to go so I forced the manfriend to go with me. I told him there would be free food, which there was, so that kept him happy!

Giant lampshades – check!

There were various show homes you could queue up to walk round and presentations at various times throughout the day, I can’t stand still for that long though so we wandered around all the stalls trying all the samples and watching the demonstrations instead.

The place was huge!
The manfriend, always pleased to be looking at gardens, and candles, and paint… This section was small gardens created by schools, you had to vote for your favourite. Suddenly my garden didn’t seem so pretty!



Me in my element! Next to me is a  giraffe twice my height but we didn’t drive so I couldn’t have him :(

manfriend, not so much in his element!



When I spent those months researching my vitamix I only watched the US demonstrations so it was nice to see a UK one. I snagged a copy of the show recipe book too along with a shiny new dry container for making my own gluten free flours! So far I’ve only used it to grind coffee beans though.


We spent waaay to long deciding which of these to buy, we went for the tropical flavour in the end, which goes so well in orange or apple juice. Perfect for summer cocktails. The ironic thing is neither of us are big drinkers. The best part was when I got home I noticed that they were based just down the road! So I can slowly work my way through the whole lot!


Man friend wasn’t much interested until we reached this part, I introduced him to olive oil and balsamic vinegar a few years ago, since then he’s been obsessed. Manfriend didn’t consider a stir fry to be a meal until last year. We bought a fair amount of this stuff, it is amazing! You can order it from Greek Olive Oil Direct.


I also bought some magic knives, if you hate cutting up butternut squash and massive caulis these are the knives for you. Super sharp with a lifetime guarantee!