I recently designed my own kindle case at IdealCases.co.uk. They have cases for lots of devices, but alas, no Galaxy Notes or Ipad Ones, so I opted to design a case for my Kindle Keyboard.  I’m pretty bad at  using my kindle, not because I don’t have any books on it, but because I have so many paper books I want to read first! I’m still finishing off the books I bought in Brighton!! It is handy for commuting though.


It took me about a week to decide what design I wanted. Then off I went into Graphic Designer mode. I decided to go with my portfolio branding. To match my business cards. Before I created the artwork I checked the FAQ to see if I could find out what the image requirements were. I couldn’t find any information on file sizes/formats (until later) so I decided it was better to be safe than sorry so I went for 72dpi RGB.


When it came to creating my case there were several options. I could create my own or go with a pre designed one. There were all sorts of styles I could go with from the create my own option. None of them appealed so I went for the complete blank canvas.


Screen shot 2013-01-05 at 15.28.04



This was where I started to worry. There was no option to upload my own ‘background’ image. I had to select Upload image, and right above the choose image box was the text:

Optimal file size 50kb, Optimal dimensions 200 x 200 px (!!!!!) Max size 1mb.

Oh dear, I thought. Does this mean I have to re think my design? My design is 1748 x 2480. So I re-saved it for web, 98kb, and hoped for the best.

My gamble paid off, even IdealCases themselves tweeted me to say it looked ok! Phew!





The Kindle is held in place by small pieces of elastic. The back of the case has a strap you can put your hand through to keep it feeling more secure in your hand.

While the case is great for using around the home, I mainly take my kindle on my commute to work so I will probably stick to using my other case on those days. As theres no chance of the kindle falling out. Despite how tough that elastic is!

Usually I have to stand with my kindle, while I’m thrown about on the train. Holding on with one hand and the kindle in the other. So I like that extra level of protection. Also theres less chance of the kindle being damaged if you drop it or have it in your hand bag because the edges are protected with my other case.


That said, this case is very well made and how awesome is it to have something you designed yourself!





I’m getting so much use out of Lucy’s secret santa present!! The teapot is from la cafetiere, it was cheaper when I bought it but Its a very good teapot!