So on friday I decided “I need cheering up, I hear alpacas cure ailments” so I bought three alpakasso!

The only flaw in that plan is that all though my illness continues my alpacas probably wont arrive for another three weeks as they’re being shipped from Japan. On the bright side I’ll probably have something else wrong with me by then.

I’ve wanted a bigger Alpakasso for ages – they’re normally £30 for one though but I decided I’ll just go for it. I managed to get free shipping by ordering through a link on one of Mimei’s videos, check the description. The site I ordered through is called OtakuMode. I’ve never ordered from there before. The googling I did before I paid seemed legit. I don’t like the timer on the cart though and if your like me and open everything in new tabs then you’re cart session will time out and you’ll lose all your items! So browse like its 1995!


I pre-ordered the rainbow alpakasso (big)


Sora-chan (standard) from the Girly kids Alpakasso range.


Shiro-chan (big) from the Girly kids Alpakasso range.

PS. please ignore the 8 month hiatus….