I’m a bit of a talker, but mostly to my plants! I have a bit of a forest going on at my desk at work not to mention all my other plants! I even have names for them all, they’re all called planty. A few weeks ago I was sent a Miltoniopsis from ‘Dr Plant‘ to keep me company at my desk. If you would like your own ‘planty’, you can enter the competition over at their facebook page to win your own house plant.




And this is where he lives :)  The downsides of having to live at home after having graduated, moved out and then having to move back in, is having to live with your teenage angst bedroom colour choices. I tried to lighten the impact a few years ago by hijacking the painter and getting him to paint stripes on my wall. Fortunately purple goes well with almost any colour, particularly red I’ve found, which is good. Because I like red too.

The good side of still living at home is a nice big kitchen, no rent and very low food bills. Two weeks worth of shopping, £11. Oh and the cat.




I make Greg bring me back thimbles when he goes abroad for film shoots, as a thimble of his love…. Can you tell I like tea and cats? The picture is little Prin who passed away last year.




This guy showed up after Greg and I (mostly I) made a new aerial cable for my room, I think I know what he was doing the whole time.




I do love my plants!




Manga, history, programming, fiction and plum wine! Not forgetting my alpacas and Piccolo of course! <3




Pft, and you thought I’d outgrown SIGNED posters!  The embroidery on the wall was given to me by a lady in China while  my dad lived there. Also, Badges.




After years of collecting consoles my ‘game room’ is complete. I just need a smaller TV for the n64. Pictured is DS lite, DSi XL, 3DS XL, PsOne, Ps2, Ps3, Dreamcast, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Xbox and Xbox 360. Not pictured, a gazillion other game boys. Anyone have an old console they dont want? I’ll have it!




Only the best CD’s go here!