The other night I bought the Holga Pinhole Lens for my Canon EOS 550D. (Also known as the HPL-C). Who doesn’t like the idea of digital lomography! None of this expensive film developing for me. Not to mention its a great way to learn aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings to prepare your wallet you for film!

You also learn that Its incredibly hard to pose for photos with a slow shutter speed!

First photo! Rubbish isn’t it!

Second (ok, 15th) attempt. Getting better! This time the camera is on a stable surface. You can’t really focus with this lens. If the photo is slightly less blurry than the one before then its in focus!

If I look tired its because this photo took an age to take. In reality it was only a few seconds but for my face muscles it was an eternity.

ooh, lens flare.


Not so good for myspace style self portraits! (Yes, I eyebombed camera! guaranteed smiles! :P)