I started my week off last friday evening with a Trip to Busaba Eathai and The hummingbird bakery.

Unfortunately Busaba Eathai has changed their menu so there are hardly any vegetarian options available and the pumpkin curry was all pumpkin (not a single other vegetable!) and insane spice levels that I couldn’t even finish it (I’m not exactly shy of spice either!). Its a shame because the previous times we’ve been we’ve loved it.

The Humming bird bakery, however, delivered! Gluten free cupcakes. I can’t tell you how good it is to eat something and not spend the next 20 minutes waiting for stabbing pains in the stomach. After I completed my last diet ( minus 4 stone! ) and started to eat carbs again I realised It was gluten causing me pain all these years. (I’d initially thought it was dairy.)

The black and white photo below is edited using my new Black and White photoshop actions.