This week I’ve been having my (new) annual ‘catch-up-a-thon 2012′ (noticing a trend?) I took the week off to catch up with old friends!

I came bearing gifts. A lady at work had recommended foxy tea to me. I just knew this was meant to be for my friends Christmas present! She and I are both pretty much tea obsessed. (I recently inherited her tea collection) so I ordered her some caramel rooibos in a personalised tin. I gave it to her on wednesday and she loved it!

They also offered to send me some tea of my choice to try so naturally I chose my favourite earl grey, but with an added lavender twist! It is divine!! Its loose leaf tea in triangle bags so you don’t need to fiddle with one of those tea strainer things. *phew*

I had the tea shipped to Gregs so it had to undergo extensive testing under the the eyes of Nigel (Thornbunny!) and Geoffrey (the dog) before it could be consumed.

Nigel approves.

Pretty sure thats a yes from Geoffrey, but then again he could just be agreeing with me so I don’t put him in my new hat again.

While I was at Gregs we also did some filming as I’m wanting to improve my video skills (boy do I have a lot to learn) and he wants to do more directing and make some soundscapes! I’ll keep you posted on the editing….!