I just read this post, How to: Guerrilla Band Photography on Miguel Santana’s blog and although I most likely wont be running around taking photos of bands (its too cold!) I did think, hmm maybe its time I started learning about my pet hate, flash!

I hate how flash makes every image look so dull and lifeless but I’m determined to learn all about it!
I’ve been doing some research and I hope you’ll find some of these videos/links interesting.

  • Again, this post, How to: Guerrilla Band Photography is a good place to start, for ideas and some good links
  • The internet photography world seem to recommend Strobist, its wonderful they say, you can learn everything there, you might be able to but how the hell do you navigate it!! I mean who sets up another site to create an index of articles on the other!! That being said – I only found one article on there (because I can’t even work out how the index works!) and that included this video.
  • Some other great videos are by Steele training.

So now my shopping list is the following!

  • Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash Unit
  • Remote trigger of some description! I’ll stick to a cable for now though, its cheaper!
  • A light stand
  • Umbrella Bracket with Hot Shoe Adapter
  • An umbrella!