If your using rss, good on you, but click through to see the awesomesauce.

I’m calling it version five because I called my last layout version four which is a complete lie because I’ve been terrible at taking screenshots of the layouts on femgeek!! I’d estimate there have been about 30 though. Which isn’t that many since my last blog had give or take 67 designs (I’m fussy ok). But I left the last one up for ages because it won awards and things and I didn’t think I could live up to those standards after that.

So yes, its here, its bootstrapped but look no helvetica nueue and sort of responsive (I’ll pause here while you resize the window…..!).

I’m going for an agile approach with this layout because I don’t have enough time in the evenings to work on layouts so if you find something thats broken please contact or tweet me! I already have a huuuuge list of bugs but you can see posts and comment so by that definition its working!

The reason there are so many bugs is because I coded this layout from scratch as opposed to  creating a child theme with twentyeleven. Using initializr and bootstrap responsive. Its also HTML5. In other news, dont you dare look at it in IE8 and if your IE7 well, its still readable I suppose…!

Its been about, 3 years since I last put together a wordpress theme entirely from scratch. I had been using the same ‘base’ theme that I made years before for ages but now the loop content is templatable which is kind of near but also evil. Also, all my functions and template calls are depreciated!